Harm is a Norwegian Thrash-metal band that was formed in 97 by singer/bass player Steffan Schulze. They were only three members back then: Steffan Schulze (bass and vocals), Tor Erik Andersen (guitar and vocals), Lloyd Osestad (drums). They played together for a while and recorded an unofficial demo with their material. Complications made it difficult to succeed, so Harm had to re-form with a new lineup in 2003: Steffan Schulze (bass and vocals), Tor Erik Andersen (guitar), Ronnie Eriksen (guitar), Tov Aanonsen (drums). They recorded their first official single “Harm” in Verdenzromme studios (2003). Good response both to the CD and live performance, resulted in a new recording, titled “Unleashed” in 04. A music video was made for one of the tracks called “Planet God”. Harm signed a record deal with Sublife Productions, who released their first official album with the title “Devil”. All this resulted in touring and playing single gigs with bands like: ENTOMBED, ROTTING CHRIST, MALEVOLANT CREATION, NEURAXIS, INCANTATION, BLOOD RED THRONE, MYSTIC CIRCLE and many more.

Following the completion of “DOMINATION TOUR ‘06”, a three week long European tour, Tor Erik decided to call it a day, after a long and faithful service to Harm, due to relatively severe health issues. Shortly thereafter Tov figured out for himself that Harm’s thrash metal was no longer the music for him. Tov and the rest of Harm came to the mutual conclusion that he should part with the band. After a certain period of time, Ronnie, without any prior warning, disappeared and went completely off-grid until there were no other sensible solution than to exclude him from further activity with Harm.

Steffan stood alone at ground zero, but with no intention to give up. He was left with no choice but to build up the band from scratch.

Considering Harm’s reputation as a solid-airtight-thrash metal onslaught, finding competent musicians who was up for the challenge, would prove to be a difficult and time-consuming task. Eventually he was approached by two brothers by the names of Andreas and Øivind, who were both eager, skilled, and bloodthirsty metal enthusiasts. The three got along great both socially and musically, and after a period of intensive rehearsing, the thrash war machine that is “Harm” was again up on its feet, performing shows with a new, brutal vitality.

After hosting excellent live reviews, the band set out to write a new chapter in the history of Harm. To write a sequel to their critically acclaimed, full-length album, “Devil”. To write an album that will prove that Harm can hold their own, and then some, in today’s thrash-metal scene.

The guys began to put together their material with a mutual understanding on what direction the progression would go. The hard will be harder, the heavy will be heavier, the fast will be faster, and allover more technical and more extreme.

In the fall of 2009, Harm entered the studio and started recording their new killer album “DEMONIC ALLIANCE” which was finally released on april 15th, 2011 through Battlegod Productions.