Singer and flamboyant front person Agnete Kjølsrud of Animal Alpha, drummer Erlend Gjerde of Stonegard and Wardruna and guitarist Stian Kårstad of Trelldom have teamed up and set out exploring the borderlines between rock, metal and black metal. Djerv arise as a consequence of both Animal Alpha and Stonegard splitting up during the last year. Stonegard was laid to rest due to internal conflicts just as their new album was out and weeks prior to a 2 months European tour with Enslaved. Animal Alpha called it quits after extensive touring took them all across the world – finally getting the better of them. But now – almost a year in the making Agnete and Erlend is yet again ready to enter the scene – this time around with guitarist Stian Kårstad or “SIR” as he calls him selves while releasing albums with Trelldom or Touring with Gorgoroth.

According to themselves Djerv are consciously pulling threads of their former bands into Djerv. "I guess we all felt our original bands had qualities we should bring along into this constellation. By all means, Djerv is a new band with a new sound, but you can easily tell who..s singing to put it that way. Agnetes incredible voice and personality was the main characteristic of Animal Alpha, but we have consciously worked towards a more sinister expression. The overall sound is stripped down, groove oriented and melodic, yet Stians's cold black metal influenced riffing underpins the dark moods of the music " Erlend states.

The band is currently in the song writing process and aim to record their debut during spring and summer of 2010.

"We hope to release a single and a video before the festival season kicks off. Hopefully we get to play a lot of festivals this summer, and we are planning the album for a fall release. I really cannot wait to get on stage again. I miss that thing that happens when I meet the audience. It's magic, I love them! "Agnete says.