Odd Nordstoga


Odd Nordstoga comes from Vinje in Telemark. A place lying just east from the mountains between west and east in Norway, just half the way from Oslo to Bergen. He has been a proffesional musician for many years, but it is the last two albums that has made him to one of the most selling artists in Norway.

His music is mainly based on the folkrock tradition, but he has made his own lokal, nordic variant of it. The filosofy behind the music is to do songs that strongly relate to the beautiful folkmusical tradition at the same time as it has the view to temporary popular music and it's ability to comunicate with the people of today.

More than anything this music is a result of the artists couple of years struggle to find one path that could combine his folkmusical background with his need to describe life in his own words and melodies, and also his need of the energy of rock.


Canal Street 2021

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Bjørg Fossli: Canal Street var en av veldig få festivaler i Norge som bestemte seg for å kjøre i år. Jeg var med...

Hunsfest 2018

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IM K. Fossli: Det er alltid gøy å sjekke ut nye festivaler, og lørdag 16. juni var det Hunsfest i Vennesla som sto for tur. ...