Turbonegro (Turboneger in Norway) is a Norwegian punk rock band that was initially active from 1989 to 1998, and later reformed in 2002. Their style combines glam rock, punk rock and hard rock into a style the band describes as "deathpunk".

Among the band's main influences are Black Flag, Rolling Stones, KISS, Venom, Radio Birdman, AC/DC, Iggy Pop & James Williamson, Circle Jerks, Ramones, Alice Cooper, Negazione, The Dictators and The Stooges, as well as Norwegian rock like DumDum Boys, Raga Rockers and Jokke & Valentinerne.


IDYLL festivalen 2022

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IDYLL festivalen 2022: Super lineup med bl.a. a-ha, Zara Larsson, Emma Steinbakken, Astrid S, TurboNegro, Maria Mena og Alan Walker....